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Listen to Connected Rhythm presenters:

Monday to Friday from 18:00 - 21:00



Listen to Praise Live:

Monday to Friday from 21:00 - 18:00

Saturday and Sunday: 24hours per day

About Praise Live:


To see every tribe and nation experiencing Jesus together.


Together we help people discover and worship Jesus.

Praise Live is a place where passionate lovers of Jesus come together to worship Him. Our vision is to see every tribe and nation experiencing Jesus together. (See: Psalm 67).

We began in a small town in rural Minnesota with a big vision. We saw people around us who had no idea who God is. They have heard about Him, but they have never really met Him in a personal way. In 1995, God spoke to us about changing our format to reach people with worship music, scripture and stories of hope. Now – we are seeing the vision being fulfilled! People are worshipping all over the world.

Many are coming to meet Jesus! God is restoring broken lives and filling them with purpose and hope. As you listen to the praise and worship on Praise Live, we pray you will experience Jesus.  We pray you will look for the one around you who needs the hope, healing and a fresh revelation of who Jesus is. And we pray God will richly bless you as you seek Him.

Feeling God’s Heartbeat

Connected Rhythm

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